We have a range of activities available at Chigwell Row, mixed between adventurous instructor lead activities and unit leader supervised activities. please scroll down to explore what we have on offer and find more details.

Adventurous Activities


Archery is a great activity for anyone aged 7 or above. Our range is great for beginners and intermediates alike. Have a go at hitting the target under the guidance of our qualified instructors.

Soft Archery

Our “mini” version of archery is great for beginners being introduced to archery. Have fun hitting the targets and playing games, improving skills throughout the session.


Descend from the top of our activity tower at a pace that suits you and then enjoy the buzz on your way to the ground. Suitable for ages 7 and over. This session is run by one of our qualified instructors.

Outdoor Climbing

Ready for a higher challenge? Our 12m high outdoor wall, providing climbing challenges for all abilities. This session is run by one of our qualified instructors.

Crate Challenge

Teams must work together to build a tower of crates that supports the participants on top. The higher the tower, the more it wobbles! This popular and fun activity encourages team working and helps individuals improve their balance and coordination. This session is run by one of our qualified instructors.

Leap of Faith

Climb up to our purpose built platform and prepare yourself for the leap! How far you jump is up to you with the adjustable buoy.

Ladder Challenge

Work together to support and encourage your team members to climb the ladder and make it squeak! If the top isn’t for you, then set your self a coloured target zone and reach for the sky.

Zip wire

Our zip line is 130 metres long and runs off the top of the climbing tower. This activity is for 10s and overs only. This session is run by our qualified instructors.

Water Zorbing

Climb into the zorb ball and play in our inflatable pool, enjoys your “walking on water experience” or even bump and bash into each other while being safe in your own ball.

Body Zorbing

One of our new popular activities, waring your own protective zorb, enjoy rolling around in all directions with the dynamic of being to bounce off each other. Sessions often end up turning into competitive sporting games of tag and football.

Pedal Boats

For your little adventurers (5-10 years old). The chance to take their own boat out on our pool, playing a range of games to help develop them into world class captains of the water.

The Cave

Wriggle and squeeze through passageways, navigating to our ball pit sump in our artificial cave network. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for fossils and stalagmites along the way. This session is run by one of our qualified instructors.

Night Line

Navigate while blindfolded around our purpose built course, following direction and instructions from your teammates. Nightline sharpens your senses as well as your team skills. Can be done day or night. This session is run by one of our qualified instructors.

Team Building

Develop your communication, leadership and team-working skills while solving practical and mental problems. A great activity to get your group working together to achieve a common goal. This session is run by one of our qualified instructors.

Environmental Activities

Bushcraft (Knife & Tools)

Get out into the outdoors to develop your survival skills, learning how to safely and effectively use knifes and other tools to create something of your own. This session is run by one of our qualified instructors.

Bushcraft Crafts

Come outside and learn how to make some traditional crafts using natural materials.

Bushcraft Fire Lighting

Learn and develop your fire lighting skills to become efficient in a key survival skill!

Bushcraft Cooking

Bring the chief in you outside and learn to cook of fire using just the basics to create something really tasty.

Bushcraft Shelters

Get outside and develop your survival skills, looking at what makes a good shelter to keep us warm and dry.

Self Instruct Activites


Orienteering is all about finding your way around our specially laid out course, usually armed with only a map. But don’t panic, you’ll quickly learn how to find your why around!

Grass sledges

Feel the wind on your cheeks as you whizz down the hill on our special grass sledges. An exhilarating ride that’s a favourite with all ages.

Pedal karts

Pedal Go-karts are run on a concrete track and are great fun for ages 5 upwards. Up to three Karts can be run at the same time.

Multi Bounce

Have a jump on our new purpose built multi bounce trampoline system! With 6 jump stations, you wont have to wait long until it’s your turn to jump.

Big Games

A selection of large-scale games are available for hire: Giant Jenga, Giant Connect-Four, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Dominoes, Hopscotch, Quoits, Giant Pick-up Sticks, and Noughts & Crosses.

Field Games

A selection of five of the following games are available for hire. Choose from: Croquet, Volleyball, Quoits, Large Pushball, Parachute, Basketball/Netball, Football, Bowls, Swing Ball, Lawn Darts and Rounders.

Bouncy Castle

A 15 foot square bouncy castle is available for hire in a central location.

Crazy Golf

Relax and have fun a round of our crazy golf. Our 9 different holes create an enjoyable challenge for all ages and abilities.


These trails are specially designed with younger members in mind! Lay your own trail around the site using the fluorescent/reflective shapes provided. Enjoy watching your young members as they try to follow your route!

Brilliant Birds

Become one with nature giving a first-hand experience of the great outdoors using the activity pack to complete activities design in partnership with the RSPB .

UMA & Badge Skills Sessions

We offer a wide range of UMA sessions as well as badge skills sessions lead by our skilled team. Please see the events page or price forms for more details.

Please contact us in the office to check availability or to book.