Friends Of Chigwell

Chigwell Row is a fantastic place for our young people to spend time and offers plenty of opportunities for everyone both young and old alike.

As a Friend of Chigwell you will have the opportunity to support Chigwell Row and make it a safe and enjoyable place for everyone to spend time well into the future years.

There are special events for members to enjoy throughout the year.  You may choose to help with fundraising and social events.  Volunteer to help at our site events such as Brownie and Rainbow day, help in the shop or lead a work team during the week or weekends.  There’s plenty for everyone to get involved in whether you are on the committee organising events, assisting on site with a corporate work team, making the teas behind the scenes or just calling in to say hello.

Can you help?

We are in need of people to form a committee to work on offering more fundraising events.  If you are unable to attend the above event but would be interested in finding out more please let us know by emails us: